Respect and comfort for your customers.
Elegance, organization and restaurant's strategies

iRestaurante is a facilitator for restaurants. A system that organizes the wait list by sending SMS, manages your reservations regardless of the hostess and creates an intelligent database that offers restaurants strategies to increase the revenue.


Learn about the return rate of your customers, know your most loyal customers. Find out where he likes to sit, what his favorite dish is. Make birthdays campaigns, new year parties and bussiness reservations.

  • Management Reports

  • Search Forms

  • Costumer Information - CRM


Manage your reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of the hostess, the reservations can be made directly on your website. Perfect table allocation without the risk of over book.

  • Internet Reservations

  • Reminder SMS


iRestaurante guarantees faster table rotation, optimizing 71% customer's dropout rate entering the wait list, because it offers respect and transparency to the customer in the wait list organization, generating a greater customer commitment to the restaurant.

  • SMS sending

  • Estimated waiting time

  • Priority


The best restaurants love and respect their customers,
Check some of the restaurants that are already using iRestaurante:


The iRestaurante was a treat. The system is very versatile, flexible and adapts well to any type of business. We are very pleased, is a technology investment that is worth."

Roberta Sudbrack

My Wait List evolved 1000%. The wait list conversion rate increased over 70%. Not to mention the compliments for the modernity, comfort and respect for the costumer"

Orlando Rinaldi - Camarada Camarão

" We have many reservations and it was a mess. In addition to control the reservations iRestaurante helped us in the hotels committees because the system notifies us which reservations really came."

Danilo Melo - Churrascaria Palace

Being the pioneer of this service in Brazil, iRestaurante has the best technology and several differential highlights:

  • Fixed price, fair and no alarms in the end of month
  • We don´t charge by SMS
  • Freedom to send SMS by your service provider
  • Stop using whenever you want, simple and fast. iRestaurante trusts the quality and we don´t need contractual ties
  • Reservations made by phone or directly by website (24h), sending confirmation to the restaurant and the customer
  • Creates and manages your customer's database, stating preferences, loyalty and presenting ways to improve your sales


  • Multiplatform: iOS, Android and Computer

  • Database Creation (CRM)

  • Reservation centralizer

  • Sending Message by SMS

  • Search Forms

  • Reservations by telephone and your website

  • E-mail Sending

  • Statistics

  • Reservation confirmation for the customer and the restaurant.

  • Swivel projection and occupation of tables

  • More status for the restaurant and comfort to the costumer

  • Maps the restaurant tables


For more information please contact us by our e-mail or our phone.

Phone: +55 (21) 3152-5241